Dr Terry Simpson: Governor Christie Gets the Lap-Band


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets a LapBand

The governor of New Jersey had a Lap-Band installed in February and has already lost 40 pounds- which is a little over 10 pounds a month. He had the band installed by a great surgeon, Dr. George Fielding, who himself has a Lap-Band Of all the weight loss operations, the Lap-Band is the least invasive- with Governor Christie going in on a Saturday and leaving the same day.

The Lap-Band, while it is the easiest to install is like all other weight loss operations and requires:

(a) That the lifestyle of the patient change quite a bit. We discovered of our patients who are the most successful they made one change – they cooked. In fact, of all the variables of success, the ability to cook was number one.

(b) Measuring foods: the band does not “restrict” the amount of food you can eat. You can eat as much as you want. What the band does is allow you to eat less without being hungry later. This is an important feature. This means it is up to the person to eat less, it is up to the band (which we can adjust) to make it so you won’t be hungry later.

(c) What the band does not do is: make you feel full. The band does not change the size of the stomach. Some people have the “illusion” they feel full, but that is just it – an illusion. If people use the band to “feel full” they will end up disappointed. It was concerning that Governor Christie said he felt full with less.

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Dr Terry Simpson: Lap-Band Surgery Saved Her Life

I hadn’t seen her in a year – but the first thing she did was give me a hug and thanked me for saving her life.

“I just put the lap-band in you, you did the real work,” I said.

“No, doctor, you don’t understand.”

She had lost 110 pounds since she had the lapband surgery in Phoenix. Then, a year ago she felt a lump in her breast. It was cancer.

“I would have never felt that lump when I weighed 110 pounds more. That cancer would have grown and grown.”

Thankfully she is doing well now, the cancer removed, therapy done.  There are a lot of benefits of weight loss surgery, and sometimes weight loss surgery can  mean saving a life.

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