What Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost?

My practice offers a special cash price to patients that do not have insurance, or who opt to pay cash for surgery.

Outpatient Gastric Sleeve (Self Pay) $13,500
Price includes 2 years of routine follow-up office visits.
Any additional services, that are not routine (ie Upper GI), are billed separately.

Outpatient Lap-Band (Self Pay) $12,500
Price includes 6 months of routine follow-up office visits.
Any additional services are billed separately.

Revisions: if you’ve previously had bariatric procedures, contact our office for pricing.

New Patients :: $265.00 for Self Pay Initial Office Visit
$150 covers the office visit. $115 covers upper GI procedure, required for all new patients

Call my office to learn more about how the cash pricing works (480) 500-5080, as there are requirements and restrictions.

To learn more, fill out the form at the bottom of the page to schedule your initial appointment. We’ll discuss procedures available to you based on specific criteria, and if you’re using health insurance, we will work with your insurance provider to verify your coverage.

Paying for Your Lap-Band or Gastric Sleeve

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Its More than an Operation

We think weight loss surgery is more than just placing a band. We think it is helping you change your lifestyle. If that means you need menu-planning or cooking classes, it is just a part of what we do. We believe the way to health is changing lifestyle, and we love to help you with that. Our experienced lap-band staff and support team members will discuss them in detail with you.

Arizona’s Most Experienced Lap-Band Surgeon

Dr. Simpson is a proctor of the LapBand, training other LapBand surgeons how to properly perform LapBand procedures. As Arizona’s most experienced Lap-Band surgeon, Dr. Simpson offers you the best opportunity for success with your weight loss goals. Dr. Simpson also takes care of patients who have had their Lap-band placed elsewhere.

Call our office at 602-234-SLIM to schedule an appointment,

or fill out the form below to be contacted by our staff.


To learn more about qualifying for weight loss surgery, fill out the form below.

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